Targeted to Cure

Co-targeting cancer and the tumor immune microenvironment with Conditionally Activated Small Molecule Therapeutics

A Game-Changing Approach

MaveriX discovers and develops novel targeted therapeutics that are safer and more effective for the treatment of a broad range of solid tumors.
Our game-changing technology challenges the limitations of current chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

The Path Forward

Our aim is to become one of the world’s leading solid tumor therapeutics companies by leveraging the unique potential of our innovative pipeline to target both primary and metastatic cancer. Success will be measured by our ability to radically improve the quality of life and survival of patients that suffer from cancer.
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A MaveriX Mindset

Our bold vision is to cure cancer by discovering and developing novel targeted therapeutics leveraging the scientific creativity and expertise of our Team and Partners. Through our actions and execution we will drive innovation and disrupt the status quo. The MaveriX Team is a blend of biotech entrepreneurs, scientific leaders, pharma experts, and clinical oncologists with a proven record of success in oncology drug development.