Kim Nearing

Kimberly Nearing, MA.

Chief Business Officer

Kimberly Nearing has over 20 years of international biotechnology industry and financial services experience in a broad range of senior roles in venture capital, investment banking, and operations (business and corporate development/ strategy/ marketing/ commercialization/ investor relations) in Fortune 100 companies and startups. Kim is currently a Venture Partner at the Bioveda China Fund (BVCF) Management, LTD., with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Prior to joining BVCF, for 10 years she was Managing Director, Head of Life Sciences at Cedrus International Management, Ltd., a global boutique investment firm, focused on driving international and business between Europe, the US, Greater China, and broader Asia regions. Kim is also on the board of Ethismos Research, Inc., (Cambridge, MA), BayHelix (China/US), the Rostropovich-Vishnesvskaya (RVF) Foundation for the Health of Children. Kim holds a Master of Science with Honors from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Distinction from the University of Michigan.